Re: In Conversation With Géza Röhrig, Lead Actor of Son of Saul

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May 10, 2017

Re: In Conversation With Géza Röhrig, Lead Actor of Son of Saul

Lubavitch International, Winter 2016/17

To the Editor:

I thought I was reading the wrong newspaper when I came upon your interview with Géza Röhrig, the lead actor of Son of Saul! But it took just a few paragraphs in for me realize that you nailed it with this one.

Clearly, Chasidic thought not only courses through Mr. Röhrig's veins but it’s also what animates this filmmaker in fine-tuning his craft.

Thank you Lubavitch International for reminding us—very creatively—that the ethos of Chabad Chasidism is to fuse the physical with the spiritual. Seems this filmmaker can add "Chasidic Master" to his IMDb page.

Rabbi Shmaya Friedman

Chabad of the North Shore

Swampscott, MA


Dear Editor,

I read the last issue of Lubavitch International cover to cover. It was outstanding. Your interview with Geza Rohrig of Son of Saul is a keeper. I have shared it with many friends.

Josef Reiss


To the editor,

I have not seen the film Son of Saul but this interview with Geza Rohrig, has given me so much to think about. It is beautiful.

Abigail Greenberg

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