Ukrainian Government Returns Torah Scrolls to Jewish Community

Kiev, Ukraine

March 29, 2009

( KIEV, Ukraine – The Ukrainian government recently agreed to transfer Torah scrolls stored in government archives to Jewish communities in Ukraine.

The decision, happily received by the Jewish community, comes after a dispute that began two years ago, when Zhitomir officials confiscated Torah scrolls and religious books from the local Jewish community, claiming the community had neglect to properly care for this historic property.

Since then, Chief Rabbi of Zhitomir Shlomo Wilhelm, along with other Chabad Lubavitch emissaries and Jewish community leaders, sought to have the Torah scrolls and religious books returned to the local Jewish community.

Rabbi Yehoshua Raskin of Khmelnitskiy and businessman Moshe Anapolsky were instrumental in working with the authorities to ensure that the Torah scrolls belong with the Jewish community, where they will be used to benefit those who observe the traditions of the Jewish people.

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