Got Question? Askmoses Website Counts More Than 1 Million Questions

Got Question? Askmoses Website Counts More Than 1 Million Questions

by Miriam Davids - Lubavitch Headquarters

February 3, 2009

(, possibly the largest online Jewish knowledge base, took its one millionth chat session recently, garnering a spot on CBS's 6:15 Spotlight.

After 10 years of answering questions live, 24/6, the website created by Chabad of California has become a point of reference for people looking for a reliable response to anything related to Jewish life and practice. Sometimes, it’s not a question but a cry for a listening ear.

With a staff of 45 respondents, men and women knowledgeable in all things Jewish, “Askmoses makes an extraordinary dialogue possible across all boundaries,” says Rabbi Simcha Backman, Askmoses project director.

Questions are typically posed anonymously and run the entire gamut from spiritual matters, interpretations of texts, traditions, Jewish observance, to questions about marriage, sexuality, abortion and suicide. 

“The average person on the street does not have access to a rabbi," Rabbi Yosef Loschak, AskMoses' "chief scholar," told the LA Times in a recent interview. "Here is a way they can do that. If they have a question about Judaism, Moses is a pretty good source."

Many visitors develop an online rapport with a particular respondent, and will keep a conversation going over a long period of time. The website also connects users to local Jewish community centers, rabbis, teachers and other resources. According to Askmoses facts, the website has, to date, introduced more than 13,000 users to a Shabbat dinner in their local communities.

“It’s an incredible resource where someone is always available,” one user who asked to remain anonymous told “I can be as specific and particular as my dilemma may be, I can remain completely anonymous yet discuss something really personal, and someone is there when I need them.”

You can’t overstate the value of something like that. Especially when it’s free.

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