Chabad of Wall Street to Launch Fundraiser With New Torah Scroll

Chabad of Wall Street to Launch Fundraiser With New Torah Scroll

by Miriam Davids - NEW YORK

January 21, 2009

( Chabad-Lubavitch of Wall Street has disclosed plans to launch a fundraiser and dedicate the writing of a new Torah scroll in memory of the late Mrs. Charlotte Rohr, of blessed memory, matriarch of the philanthropic Rohr family.

The first letters in the Torah scroll will be inscribed at a black-tie fundraising drive for the Chabad center, March 16, at the Jewish Heritage Museum in New York City.

Situated on Fulton and Nassau streets, Chabad of Wall Street is in the heart of the financial district. Nowhere is the impact of the economic crisis more pervasively felt than here, say Chabad representatives to the area, Rabbi and Mrs. Shmaya and Rachel Katz.

“We are in daily contact with friends, community members and businesspeople who’ve been devastated by the downturn and are holding on for dear life,” says Rabbi Katz.

The Chabad center, which is also at Ground Zero, has become a symbol of light in this community, twice hit. With increased numbers of people coming to their doors in search of spiritual nurture, the need for larger facilities has grown, prompting this fundraiser.

“During these difficult financial times,” says Mr. George Rohr, “it is so important to support the growth of a joyful Jewish presence in this area. I have been closely involved with Chabad of Wall Street for many years now, and have seen their vital contribution to Jewish life here.”

The Katzes say they are honored by Mr. Rohr’s support, and feel that dedicating a new Torah scroll, to be inscribed in memory of his mother, herself an exemplar of Jewish virtues of tzedaka and education, “is a most suitable way to help advance our work here.”

The Rohr name is well known in the broader Jewish community for the family’s support of Jewish causes and the varied Chabad-Lubavitch educational and outreach programs under their sponsorship. Many of the Chabad centers in communities worldwide, and on college campuses across the country, were opened thanks to their support.

Chabad of Wall Street not only serves the immediate residents with the full offering of educational and social programs, but is also sought out regularly by many Jewish visitors to the area. On a recent Friday afternoon, about 25 minutes before candle-lighting, the phone rang with a request for Rachel Katz. A group of 30 Jews were in the area for the weekend, and could they join Chabad for Shabbat dinner?

“They joined us Friday night for dinner, and then came back to services Shabbat morning, and lunch. They sat at the table with us through the end of Shabbat,” says Rachel, adding that this is not unusual. “I’m always prepared for these last minute calls,” she says.

Many who’ve heard about the March 16 fundraiser, says Rabbi Katz, have responded enthusiastically and have asked to participate in this new Torah with a letter of their own. Opportunities to share in the creation of the new Torah scroll are available by clicking here, beginning at $18.00 a letter.

“What can possibly be more a beautiful way of perpetuating the legacy of Mrs. Rohr, who gave so much in her own lifetime to promote the values  yiddishkeit,” asks Rabbi Katz, “than a Torah scroll that will be used at our Chabad center, symbolic of the collective participation of the Jewish people?”


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