Chabad House in Sderot Sustains Heavy Damage, Lives Spared

Chabad House in Sderot Sustains Heavy Damage, Lives Spared

by Dvora Lakein - Sedort, Israel

December 30, 2008

( It was a clear miracle that protected Rabbi Chananel and Tzivia Pizem of Sderot from a direct hit to their home Tuesday.

The Chabad representatives were visiting relatives in Kfar Chabad when a Qassam fell on their home, severely damaging their roof, retaining walls, and furnishings.

Though the city is no stranger to intimidation and assault, it has been bombarded with thousands of Qassam rockets at regular intervals in the last eight years; these new attacks are causing severe damage to buildings and psyches.

The Israeli Defense Forces entered Gaza on Saturday of last week, in an effort to stop Hamas violence based in Gaza and extending as far as 40 km into Israel. While residents in the southern part of the country expressed relief at the government’s efforts to protect them, they are, understandably anxious.

Chabad representatives throughout the area are trying to remain optimistic. Several rabbinic students have visited army bases this week, to stand in solidarity with the soldiers fighting the war.

Chabad’s Victims of Terror Project is sending out support teams to console the injured and mourning. In Sderot, Rabbi Pizem and his brother, Moshe Ze’ev, are trying to maintain business as usual. The local synagogue is open and the rabbis are encouraging everyone to increase in their prayers and good deeds.

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